1- Recruitment - New pilots - Members are all responsible for the reputation of the corp. We do not PvP unless we have had a war declared on us, steal from players cans or use bad language in local channel. Access to hanger will be given after 1 months ACTIVE service and good standings with the Minmatar Republic.

1a - It is expected of pilots all pilots regardless of Race / Career or game time to increase the standings with Minmatar corporations by doing missions. A list of these corporations can be found in this Forum. Even the industrialists in the corp can do missions as there are mining mission agents and Courier mission agents. So there is no excuse by saying they are not combat pilots. If you are having problems with any missions then PLEASE ask us for help. You will find that we can help or advise you on the best way to do any missions.

1b - Time away from eve is expected, vacations, illness etc, please mail Mauvias Surikar if you are going to be away for any period of time longer than 7 days. If you are not active for more than 21 days with no evemail of reason for absense you will be moved to the M.I.A. removal list. This is done so that the corp shows a true number of members.  If we did not do this we would show over 150+ members by now!!  Also while not technically M.I.A., members who while are on-line, but AFK almost permanently, will be treated as M.I.A. if standing does not increase, this will be to *weed* out any avatars who do NOT share or wish to share the corps goals.

2 - Hanger Etiquette - Access will increase as Minmatar standings and Active time with corp increase.

2a - The Corp hanger is used for storage of ammo/ missiles and Corp owned ships. It is NOT for pilots to make a profit out of and no items that pilots take from the Corp hanger are to be sold for personal profit. All items placed in the sorting part of the Corp hanger are either reprocessed down to minerals which are then used to make ammo and missiles, or they are sold and the isk put into the Corp wallet for for future projects and rents.

2b - Pilots are free to take ammo from the Corp hanger for Corp mission use as we do not want you to be out of pocket for doing Corp business. If you cant see what you have used ask via Corp evemail and the industrialist in the Corp will get the production line fired up. A small amount can be taken for personal use as long as you do not abuse this. If you want cheap ammo / missiles for personal use see policy point 7 below.

2c - All salvage and minerals in the Corp hangers is for Corp constructions and not for personal profit. You can buy items from the corp and a discount will be give to ensure it is below market price. Normal rules apply. The items purchased from the corp are not to be resold for personal profit.

3 - Mission Etiquette - Gang Participation is not required. Your missions are your own and all items, salvage and mined ores that you get in them are yours. But if you need help on a mission you must state if it has become a Corp Mission or an assistance (Help Me) mission. Also a Team leader must be decided on.

3a - If it is an assistance mission you must lay down the rules for salvage, items and mined ores when asking for help to avoid confusion before pilots come to your aid. As well as an agreed payment for there help if any, as ammo does cost isk. If you do not do this and loose some nice items etc to other Corp members it will be your fault. In this type of mission you are responsible for the pilots you call in to help you. An agreement must be made as to rules of engagement and compensation for any loss.

3b - Corp mission - If the mission is declared as one of these all pilots involved should if possible get a share of loyalty points when mission is handed in as a gang. It will be agreed at the beginning of the mission amongst the pilots involved as to who is the team leader and if all loot and salvage is handed into Corp hangers for selling and reprocessing for ammo construction or if it will be shared amongst the pilots as isk or items. In this case is it asked that the Corp be treated as if it is a pilot for an equal share. The team leader may not always be the person with the squad bonus. The team leader is the one the calls the targets and calls when to warp out or in. They are quiet often the team tank.

3c - Corp Mining Missions - These mission do turn up now and again and are normally mission sites that are left open for Corp members to use.
A Corp evemail MUST be sent out by the pilot that got the Corp mining mission with rules for what to not do (ie Dont go through 2nd gate) as well as a breakdown of the enemy that can be expected after downtime. Also what lvl the mission is and when the missions expires. Also what Corp hanger the Bookmarks to the location are in. It is requested that at least 5-10 Bookmarks should be placed in the hanger in lvl 1 access area. When mining the Corp missions it is asked that 10% of the ore mined be put into the Corp hanger when you mine these areas either on your own or as a team. If you have mined it all for that day and it is a long time until downtime please send a Corp evemail saying what solar system mining mission you have done and when it will respawn. This is to avoid disappointment of other pilots that have taken time to move mining equipment to that system only to find it all gone. Even if you have mined it all for yourself you must still put 10% into the Corp hangers as it is a Corp mining mission. If you do not wish to do this please get your own mission and mine that each day as all ore mined is yours.

4 - Expulsions - If an pilot has been inactive for 3 weeks with no word to any other member for this absence then a corp wide Evemail will now be given as allot of pilots seem to know other pilots in RL. If no return or information after 4th week then removal from Pilot roster and corp. They are free to reapply to the corp and an Evemail will be sent to them stating this.

4a- Undesirables - If any pilot has got to this stage of being classified as such by other corp members then I would hope that the corp members would let me know so i can approach the pilot about it. If they continued there activity that proved so much of a problem then it will go to Corp shareholder vote for Expulsion out the nearest airlock. If the person had any plea for defence then he can make it to myself and I will pass it onto all shareholders for their consideration. The vote will be over 7 days so allowing all shareholders to vote and consider plea. During this time all hanger and corp roles of that pilot will be suspended.

5 - Shares will be given out after 1 months active service and then one share each month of active service after that. ALL shareholders have a say in major corp influencing matters.. one vote per share. (I do not vote in such matters unless it is a draw?) Voting issues are such things as Taxes, Wars.. Expulsions etc.

6 - Disclosure of corp accounts will be made available to all shareholders of 2 months active service or more. This will be Junior account lvl access.

6a - Wallet divisions are for different Corp projects. Such as Star base construction fund, Blueprint purchase fund.

6b - For pilots that have been with the corp and active for a long time short term loans can be arranged at very low interest rates. Possibly even 0%.

7 - The Corp can make items for you if you gather the minerals required. If you put a request in the forum area for construction requests the industrialists in the Corp will get back to you. There should be no charge for this service as the Corp will pay for the production line fee. If you are going to be selling the item on to none Corp members then you are expected to pay the Corp a commission percentage of the profit you have made to cover the production line fee.

7a - You can request to borrow Corp blueprints after you have been active in the Corp for over 2 months. You can borrow one at a time. You should contact Mauvias Surikar for this service as he will keep a list of current Corp blueprint originals. An agreed return date will be set for any that are borrowed. No payment is asked for from any profit you may make from using these blueprints. Although any donation of thanks would be nice. :¬)


If you have any questions about this list of Corp rules please contact Mauvias Surikar.

To sum up the above Policies of Adventurers, these are not suggestions, they are whats expected of serious players who want to be a part of a great and successful corporation. To fail in any of them is to fail yourself and your fellow members. Our goals are not unattainable by anyone with the spirit and drive to be an Adventurer !
We are all here to help each other in any way we can, so please think of us all as friends. partners and winners in the end.

* DO NOT take advantage of other members.
* DO NOT use other members in a negative way.
* DO NOT make eve a bad experience for others.
* DO use your skills to aid and further the goals of both members and the corp as a whole.

When you have read the policies. please mail Mauvias to either say you agree to abide by them, or to tell him you cannot, in which case resignation from Adventurers will be accepted in good faith.
Click star to contact Mauvias Surikar to agree / Disagree